12/1/06: Uhhh welll. I seem to actually be getting things done. sort of. my next webpage version will probably be my 3dsmax rendered page, with all the nifty crap. still working on the load page though. anyway. random j doujin girl for you wierdos.

Misc Junk/ Old Updates:

10/3/04: Everyone, say 'Hello' to the Major. Anyway, yeah. Decided I'm gonna have a page with the specs of my computer on it, for shits and giggles. Maybe even with a few images if I get around to it.

things done:
-removed geocities links for dead pages (yahoo! kills shit they think has sat untouched for too long, and apparently logging into the im client isn't the same as the page)
-added pc specs page
-updated all old links so they work properly now
-updated any misc stuff that needed to be updated
-finally managed to upload the entire set of html files and what not to the newest webhost for this damn page >:|

7/23/03 8:04 PM: WOO FUCKING HOO! okay, now that I got that out of my system, You'll note that along with a new background girl, KTi went public beta after 3 years of working on the scriptbase ;D

Here's hoping it's something to remember. -TK-

10/16/2001 8:17 PM: seems Love Hina went bust :/ i'll update when i find the new site
on a lighter note... LiveJournal.

8/19/01: Love Hina! woo hoo!

11/22/00: Well, another layout, another update. Go fig, ya know? Look around, see
if you like the new look. -TK-

11/22/00: Complete overhaul of the site, yippie.





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